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The Who SACD : Tommy - SACD - The Who SACD : Tommy


The Who






Hybrid Multichannel

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£ 19.95

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The Who SACD : Tommy - SACD - The Who SACD : Tommy

The Who's classic album now remixed and remastered for SACD by Pete Townshend. Includes 5.1 Surround Sound and a second disc with 17 rare and previously-unreleased tracks.

SACD Tracklisting :

SACD Disc One
1. Overture
2. It's A Boy
3. 1921
4. Amazing Journey
5. Sparks
6. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
7. Christmas
8. Cousin Kevin
9. The Acid Queen
10. Underture
11. Do You Think It's Alright
12. Fiddle About
13. Pinball Wizard
14. There's A Doctor
15. Go To The Mirror!
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me
17. Smash The Mirror
18. Sensation
19. Miracle Cure
20. Sally Simpson
21. I'm Free
22. Welcome
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp
24. We're Not Gonna Take It
25. Listening To You / See Me, Feel Me

SACD Disc Two
1. I Was
2. Christmas (Out Take 3)
3. Cousin Kevin Model Child
4. Young Man Blues
5. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
6. Trying To Get Through
7. Sally Simpson
8. Miss Simpson
9. Welcome
10. Tommy's Holiday Camp
11. We're Not Gonna Take It
12. Dogs Part Two
13. It's A Boy
14. Amazing Journey
15. Christmas
16. Do You Think It's Alright?
17. Pinball Wizard

This Super Audio disc is a Stereo SACD, Multichannel SACD and contains a CD layer which allows the SACD to be played on any CD player or DVD player with SACD capability.

The Who SACD : Tommy ( 2 Discs ) Deluxe Edition - SACD - The Who - Tommy

Bonus Features:

The Who SACD : Tommy - SACD - The Who SACD : Tommy

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